Summer 2015 According to my iPhone

by Tarah Garner

I can't believe summer has already come and gone. Every year I look forward to all the joy the summer season brings me and it never lasts long enough. As of recently, it feels like everyone is all about sweaters and pumpkin spice, and I'm over here holding on to my crop tops and popsicles for dear life, still in complete denial summer is over. I basically live for this season. Who else is with me??  

Hey! Hello! How was your summer?....That's good to hear.

I've been gone for awhile and it feels good to be back on these pages. Since February I knew I wouldn't be posting as much. I honestly got very busy with 2 jobs and considering this is a "what I wore today" blog my outfits consists of athletic clothing at one and pajamas at the other, really doesn't make for exciting posts. BUT. Fall is here and I always put more effort into my clothing. If you've been following the fall trends you'll know I am super excited about crop tops being incorporated into the layering pieces for this season. My summer vibezzz won't be stopped! Those crop tops will not be put in the back of my drawers, friends! This is going to be a good rest of the year.