A Day in the Life

by Tarah Garner

If it were up to me, I would have days like yesterday happen every day. I met up with one of my girlfriends for brunch at The Camp House, one of Chattanooga's best places to relax, enjoy time with friends, and eat yummy food while listening to live music. We both had so much fun talking to each other and reminiscing over our competitive tennis days, and before we knew it, 2 and a half hours passed by way too quickly.

^^^ It was as good as it looks! I had the yogurt and blueberry muffin and she had the salad, with her choice of two different dressings.^^^

After we caught up over hot tea, we said our goodbyes till the next time we get together. I was so close to where boyfriend lives, I figured I would surprise him with a quick hello. Little did I know, it would turn out to be an unexpected all day hangout. He helped me take outfit pictures, then taught me how to edit them {see below}, while we talked the entire time about every subject that popped into our heads. Hours later the hunger pains kicked back in and we decided to drive to my parents house to have a homemade dinner.

If you've been following me for some time, you would know that I am a hippie at heart. That being said, bell bottoms are a staple in my wardrobe and if you've fallen in love with these black velvet bells {like I have}, you can find them from my friends at The Minted Exchange! The size small has already sold out but there is still time to snag a pair in the medium or large.

P.S- These pictures that boyfriend took are so beautiful, even on a cloudy day. I have to share a few more because I am so happy about they turned out. *See more of his talents here*