Voodoo and Psychics and Zombies, OH MY!

by Tarah Garner

Once upon a time there was a sweet, quiet, and innocent little city called New Orleans... just kidding! New Orleans is the exact opposite of all those things, especially on Halloween. Believe it or not, it was my first time in that sweet, little innocent city. ;) I traveled all around the south playing tennis tournaments but never stopped by to check it out. Dad really knew what he was doing when he said "no" every time I wanted to go. I just wasn't ready for that kind of fun yet.

We were in the French Quarter, which is quite lovely and reminded me a lot of Italy. And it being Halloween, all the buildings, including homes were covered in the most elaborate decorations that were something out of a Hocus Pocus. The streets were filled with the sound of 1920's jazz music, making me wish I had brought my flapper dress to fit in. Just think the Great Gatsby and BOOM that was New Orleans in a nutshell. Especially Bourbon Street; just one big shindig, friends! 

The reason we went to New Orleans was for my Uncle's art show. It was beautiful and I'm not saying that because I am biased either. You can see more of his work here or see more of the cosmos here and follow him here

The pictures don't do them justice, but see what I mean? Beautiful. I want one in my bedroom.

Warning: Up ahead lies many, many pictures...

After the art show we went to dinner at Sbisa's Cafe. It's one of the most historic places in the French Quarter and they serve all kind of great food that New Orleans is known for. Oh, and while you're there, you'll feel like you're in a pirate ship.

All of us had some form of a shrimp dish. I can speak on behalf of the shrimp and grits. It satisfied my taste buds and wasn't too spicy. (just the way I like it)

Next we visited Bourbon Street and this is where the true circus began.

I felt like a nun in my maxi skirt and crop top compared to everyone else.

The next morning was my favorite part of the trip. Since we arrived in the evening, I wasn't able to see and grasp my boundaries of the city blocks. So the following morning we caught up with my uncles, and explored a bit until we found a place to eat in the square of the French Quarter, called Stanley.

If you ever go to New Orleans, you must, must stop by Cafe Du  Monde and get some beignets. I promise they won't let you down. Guaranteed sugar rush straight to the head.

We ate our beignets overlooking the cathedral. 

 And see what I am saying about the decorations, E-lab-o-rate

Congrats you've made it to the end! 

Have a nice Saturday.